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Thursday August 28th 2014

On August 28th, 2014 a meeting was held to discuss the project with firms and individuals with skills that could be of use to the project. A directory of local skills in the Ellershouse/West Hants area was compiled based off of that meeting. The meeting drew attendees from local construction firms, hotels, individuals and more – a great turnout. While the directory is now complete and being circulated to potential project contributor firms, we encourage any individuals or businesses that feel they could add to the project to reach out to us at

Local Skills Meeting Poster

Tuesday October 1st @ 6:30pm
An open house was scheduled at the Ellershouse Community Hall, 429 Ellershouse Rd. This was an opportunity for the community to come and learn about the project, ask questions, and provide members of the development team feedback and ideas for the project.

Click here to view the information shared at the meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended.

October 1st Open House Posters (8.9 mb)

Sound Modelling Results
Low Quality Image (77 kb)
High Quality Image (5.9 mb)

Shadow Modeling Results
Low Quality Image (89 kb)
High Quality Image (7.0 mb)

Ellershouse Wind Farm Registered Environmental Assessment  (link to Province of Nova Scotia Department of Environment site)

Ellershouse Wind Farm Registered Environmental Assessment - Summary Document (436 kb)

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