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About us

Building Greener, Stronger, Sustainable Communities

AREA is a 100% municipally-owned company, formed in 2014 by the towns of Antigonish, Berwick and Mahone Bay. Our mandate is to secure cleaner and more affordable energy for municipal electric utilities in Nova Scotia. AREA owns and operates the 10-turbine, 23.5 MW Ellershouse Wind Farm in Winsor-West Hants, providing over 40% renewable energy to our owner towns and the Riverport Electric Light Commission. AREA’s customers were the only utilities to meet the original design of Nova Scotia’s 40% Renewable Electricity Standard in 2020.

AREA develops clean energy projects, and municipal electric utility customer programs, to reduce our towns' costs and environmental footprint. The Ellershouse Wind Farm has saved 192,335 tCO2eq since commercial operation. AREA extended our offering to other municipalities in Nova Scotia through the Province’s Solar Energy for Community Buildings Program, saving a further 1,000 tCO2eq annually. Our focus on clean energy projects and customer programs creates significant economic development in rural Nova Scotia while showcasing the unique and replicable leadership role that municipalities can take in the clean energy transition.

AREA multiplies every public dollar committed and the benefits are reinvested in our communities. AREA has delivered over $10,000,000 in benefits to our towns and electric utilities and over $550,000 to the communities of Winsor-West Hants and Ellershouse. Additionally, it has generated over $300,000 in annual profit for other Nova Scotia municipalities by developing their commercial solar projects. 

AREA and its municipal owners are committed to addressing climate change and keeping electricity rates affordable for citizens and businesses. AREA continues to pursue new clean energy opportunities, with 9 MW of community solar gardens project next on the list.

The community solar gardens will create a more inclusive pathway for citizens to participate in solar energy, replacing the need to invest in solar panels for home use. 

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