Community Liaison Committee

The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) serves as a link between the community and the project team. The CLC represents the community and brings forward community questions and concerns and likewise, the project team will share up-to-date project information with the CLC. The CLC meets twice annually.

Ellershouse Wind Farm Society

The Ellershouse Wind Farm annually sponsors the Ellershouse Wind Farm Society with $10,000 to fund important community initiatives. The Ellershouse Wind Farm Society is comprised of local individuals who decide how best to allocate the annual sponsorship, and have selected these initiatives to receive funding for the next period:

  1. Saint Louise Union Church – $1 250.00 for insurance.
  2. Ellershouse Community Hall – $1 250.00 for Insurance.
  3. 2018 Bursaries – This is to be used for 1st Year Students attending a Secondary Institution. $1 500.00 will be set aside.  Up to 10 Bursaries of $150.00 each can be awarded each year.
  4. Brooklyn Fire Department – A Donation of $250.00
  5. School Breakfast Program – A Donation of $250.00 will be given to each of Brooklyn District Elementary School, West Hants Middle School and Avon View High School to support their breakfast/lunch Programs.
  6. Community Party / In-the-Village Concert on the Church Hill – $1 000.00 to buy food for this day
  7. Website – We will continue with the website, $300.00 will be given to the Ellershouse Community Hall to continue this website.
  8. Drug Safety Books – $250.00 will be given to Community Safety Net to print DRUG SAFETY Smart Choices for LIFE books.
  9. Newport & District Rink – A Donation of $500.00 will be given to go towards “Free Skating Sessions”
  10. School Playground Equipment – Each of Brooklyn District Elementary School and West Hants Middle School will be given $500.00 for new playground equipment
  11. Ellershouse Windfarm Sponsorship Society Summer Camp Activities at Ellershouse Community Hall – There will be two Camps at our Hall, a Music Camp and a Craft Camp and each Camp has up to $500.00 to use for supplies.
  12. Seniors’ Tea Party – Working with Victoria, the Program Director at Dykeland Lodge, we will organize a Seniors’ Tea Party. Victoria will use the Seniors’ Bus to transport seniors from Dykeland Lodge, Windsor Elms, and/or Halliburton Place to our Community Hall for a Tea Party.  $500.00 will go towards the bus and $100.00 will be used for supplies.
  13. Society Budget – $250.00 will be set aside for Society operating costs.
  14. Summer Camps – $1 000.00 will be set aside to be used for up to 20 students between the ages of 5 years to 15 years to attend any camp outside the Ellershouse Windfarm Sponsorship Society area.
  15. Lights at the Postal Boxes in our area – $800.00 will be given to the Ellershouse Community Hall Treasurer to be used for the billing of these lights.
  16. Emergency Fund – $1 500.00 will be held by the Treasurer as an Emergency Fund to be used to help if disaster happens in the community.
  17. Internet at the Ellershouse Community Hall – $700.00 has been set aside to provide high-speed internet in the Community Hall.
  18. Spare if the need arises – $100.00