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Electrify Everything

Addressing climate change is a complicated undertaking, to say the least. For decades, the common thought was to move away from electricity because it was considered ‘dirty’ and transmission losses made it inefficient. So, what prompted the change in position? With new research, we know there is a path to zero-carbon electricity. That path involves cleaning the supply and working with customers to manage the timing of their use. As a result, our customers have made it clear that they expect their towns to respond urgently to the global climate crisis, creating solutions and programs to take care of them, now and in the future.

Our programs specifically target the heating and the transportation sector, two of the biggest emitters in the province. We design our programs to make the clean transition easier for our customers in the choices they make daily, monthly, annually by providing sustainable alternatives. Our programs focus on the customer, to guide them through the decision-making process and help them be a part of the movement towards a net zero community. These programs have resulted in local job creation and enhanced training opportunities in rural Nova Scotia.

Heat Pump Program

HOME program

Why should every home have a heat pump? Heat pumps offer an all-season climate solution for your home by heating in the colder months and cooling and dehumidifying in the warmer months. Heat pumps are three times more efficient than electric baseboards and four times more efficient than oil. You can “set it and forget it” once you’ve found your ideal comfort level.

The HOME program includes everything from installation, bi-annual inspection and maintenance, cleanings and all service calls. No upfront cost. No surprise fees. One monthly payment.

Solar Program

Community Solar

Solar for Everyone

Solar energy has long been out of reach for many individuals. Setting up rooftop solar systems can be costly, which means their use and subsequent savings are primarily enjoyed by only those who can afford the upfront cost. Our community solar projects will change this, making solar an option for everyone.

Customers of the towns of Antigonish, Berwick and Mahone Bay can subscribe to panels being installed in their community’s solar garden. The idea is each person can scale their subscription to their comfort level and affordability. The best part, nothing changes in terms of service delivery and those who subscribe receive solar credits on their electricity bill in relation to their subscription.

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community solar
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vehicles off the road

Electric Vehicles

Charge where you are

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation and are essential to cleaner communities. To make the transition to electric vehicles easier for our customers, AREA and Municipal Electric Utilities across the Maritimes collaborated to secure funding for electric vehicle charging stations. 

The project will deliver 102 charging points across three provinces at a joint cost of $1 million. With significant funding assistance from the Federal Government and its commitment to cleaner transportation, we can bring charging infrastructure downtown to where people live, work and relax.