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Building Better Communities

Since our founding, we have strived to build clean energy projects and customer programs that reduce our towns’ costs and environmental footprint. This focus has resulted in significant economic benefits and emissions savings for our communities.

Nova Scotia Municipalities

Through the ownership of the Ellershouse wind farm, we are able to source cleaner and cost effective energy in the region, resulting in substantial rewards for our towns.

total benefit
to towns & utilities
jobs created
community solar under construction
in total assets
utility customers
clean energy supply
saved tCO2eq

Windsor-West Hants

The Ellershouse Wind Farm, deliver benefits to the West Hants community through annual wind farm tax of $100 ,000 and an annual donation to the Ellershouse Wind Farm Society of $10,000. 

wind farm tax paid to Windsor-West Hants
donations to Ellershouse Wind Farm Society

Ellershouse Society

AREA has a commitment with the residents of Ellershouse to provide sponsorship donations for projects that directly enhance vital community spaces. This agreement has formed The Ellershouse Wind Farm Society and donations to the society have bough new playground equipment, sponsored summer camps, sponsored skating sessions, donations towards the Brooklyn District Elementary School, West Hants Middle School and Avon View High School to support their breakfast and lunch programs.

Solar For Community Buildings

The Province of Nova Scotia, through the Department of Energy, launched the Solar For Community Buildings Pilot Program to enable communities to participate in renewable energy generation in 2017. Motivated by our desire for change and using our knowledge of clean energy projects, we helped 20 municipalities across the Province build 1.5M of solar projects and secured Power Purchase Agreements through this program.  

annual profit to Nova Scotia Municipalities
reduction of tCO2eq per annum

One goal:

Building strong, sustainable and prosperous communities